Monday, January 28, 2013

Ravens GM Offers Ed Reed Coaching Job The Minute He Retires

Ed Reed is the consummate student of the game.  Not only has he always been an exceptional athlete playing safety, but he’s also knowledgeable beyond his years about the sport of football.

Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome is clearly aware of that, and in an effort to keep that knowledge in Baltimore for as long as he can, Newsome has offered Reed a coaching job as soon as he retires according to USA Today.
“Ed wants to be a coach, so he sees this as an opportunity to start his coaching career by helping those young players come along,” Newsome said. “The thing about Ed is, he doesn’t just talk about it. He goes out and works the way you have to work to get it done.”
“That’ll be up to Ed Reed,” Newsome said. “That will be something that (Ravens owner) Steve (Bisciotti) and I can talk about. But Ed still has a lot of football left to play. So we’ll cross that hurdle. If Ed decides he wants to do that, I think we can find a way.”
I like the sound of that.

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