Monday, January 28, 2013

Ray Allen returns to Boston to face the slumping Celtics

Ray Allen is sitting on top of the world. His Miami Heat are on a hot-streak and they are the current kings of the Eastern Conference.

His good fortune is just another reason why he will be a hated man when he walks into  the Celtics TD Bank Garden on Sunday.

To revisit a familiar storyline, Allen left the Celtics to play for their heated rival that bounced them out of the playoffs in two consecutive seasons.

Friendships appear to have been torched and the fan base is still getting it over it.

It does not help the situation that the Celtics are on the fast-track the lowest tier of the Eastern Conference.

They are currently on a eight-game losing streak that shows no signs of letting up.

So for Allen to come riding in as a success in the midst of their current failure that was accented by a humbling loss to the New York Knicks does not rub anybody in Boston the right way.

Allen talked to the league’s website about his return to the place that he used to call home.

“I’ve thought about it,” Allen said. “I think more about who, family-wise, is going, who can go and sorting the whole protocol out. I don’t know what to expect from their side. But it’s an interesting concept because I’ve always gotten a warm welcome, even before I started playing there. I just want to win. Everything else will take care of itself.”

“I’ll savor it, going back and seeing the people you spent so much time with,” Allen said. “But if you’re going into a situation thinking about negative perceptions or behavior that’s unbecoming of good sportsmanship, then you just want to get it over with, win the game and get out of there. I don’t want it to distract these guys from everybody doing their job and being ready to play.”

Allen won’t simply be a distraction, he will be reminder of how what used to be so right has suddenly gone so wrong.

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