Monday, January 21, 2013

Record 73 Underclassmen Declare For NFL Draft

With the threat of freak injuries, and the theory that the longer you stay the more your game can be scrutinized, underclassmen felt the need to take the money and run in 2012.

Pro Football Talk is reporting that a record 73 underclassmen have been granted early entry to declare for the draft.  You can probably make the number 74 if South Carolina All American Jadeveon Clowney had been allowed to declare also.

That number rose by eight in 2013 from 65 in 2012.  In 2011, 56 players left school early for the draft.  Many speculate that players are leaving early to start their contractual obligations in hopes of getting huge money in their second deal.

Some seeing what South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore has had to suffer through feel they should get paid for the punishment.

Can we blame them for jetting off, when players such as Johnny Manziel get their every move scrutinized, yet we find out the young mans talents can make a school $37 million in a 12 game football season.

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