Monday, January 28, 2013

Report: Gregg Williams to join Tennessee Titans staff

The Bounty Gate scandal is about to come full circle as according to a report the scorned Gregg Williams is on his way back  to Music City.

ESPN is reporting that the currently suspended defensive coordinator who was cast out of the NFL with the indefinite tag less than one year ago has already met with the Titans.

The key phrase that was put in play is “on the verge of becoming the Titans’ assistant head coach.”

Williams could have the go-ahead from the league to return to work as early as next week.

If that is the case it should be noted that Williams would be returning to familiar ground.

His previous 11-year tenure there reached as far back as when the team was based in Houston under the Oilers moniker.

Eventually Williams took over the defense for three seasons that spanned from 1997-2000.

During the Bounty Gate hoo-ha, several Titans/Oilers came out in support of Williams.

“We never had any bounties when I played, I know that,” retired safety Blaine Bishop told USA Today.”Gregg never had any bounties. If we did, I never got paid. But the truth is we never had them. It didn’t happen with the Titans when I was there, so it didn’t happen when Gregg was there. He just wanted you to play hard.”

Former Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck backed that statement up.

“No coach that I ever played for ever asked me or any of my teammates to deliberately take someone out either on purpose or for any amount of money, ” Bulluck said. “It is football, and at the end of the day it is a strategic game, and as a defender I am trying to get to the ball as fast as possible with a bad attitude and hit the ball carrier as hard as I can within the structure of the game.”

Obviously Williams’ former charges loved him enough to protect him during a time of crisis.

Which goes a long way in explaining as to why he is going back home.

Just like that Williams will go from being an outcast to getting a promotion in one fell swoop

Stay tuned.

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