Friday, January 25, 2013

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson Tells Seattle Fans Not To Celebrate Too Early

The Maloof family, current owners of the Sacramento Kings, announced Monday that they’d reached a deal to sell the NBA franchise to a Seattle-based investment group.  This deal had Seattle basketball fans that are still salty about the departure of their beloved Super Sonics, excited about the deal that could bring the NBA back to the city.

But Sacramento Mayor, and former 3-time NBA All-Star, Kevin Johnson says not so fast Seattle
In front of a crowd of fans and city officials Johnson warned:
“Don’t celebrate too early.”
“We’ve been here before,” Johnson said. “Our backs have been against the wall. They told us it wasn’t going to happen. But each and every step along the way, as long as there is time on the clock, our community always finds a way to stand up for itself.”
The mayor introduced the first part of his four-part plan to keep the Kings in Sacramento, which included a commitment from 19 local investors who have pledged at least $1 million dollars each to be a part of a group to purchase the franchise.  Johnson also said there is another major financial partner he hopes to reveal as soon as this week.
I commend Johnson’s efforts, but they may be too little too late.  The Seattle-based group has already signed agreements to purchase the franchise and build and new arena.

I hate to see any franchise leave a city.  I know how devastating it had to be for Super Sonics fans to watch their former team find so mush success in Oklahoma, but I would also hate to see the Kings leave Sacramento.  At the end of the day this is a business and in business the only thing that matters is the all mighty dollar, and right now Seattle has it.

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