Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Terrell Owens tells Titus Young to know his role.

We recently discussed Titus Young’s recent outbursts that could ensure that he will not remain with the Detroit Lions.

During that post it was suggested that he have a heart-to-heart with another infamous malcontent Terrell Owens.

Now Owens has spoken out.

While participating at an event that his bowling team was a part of, Owens kept it real with the Detroit News.

“He has to understand that Calvin (Johnson is) the No. 1 receiver, and being the No. 2 receiver, you have to go with the flow of the offense and when your time comes, make the plays,” Owens said.

Owens went as far as to say that Young should “know his role.”

If anyone is qualified to send a shout-out to Young, it’s Owens.

Not only has he seen this movie, he wrote the screenplay and directed a epic trilogy that started in San
Francisco, peaked in Baltimore and flamed out in Dallas.

Terrell Owens tells Titus Young it’s time to grow up. Young should listen.

By the way Owens’ bowling team, the Dallas Strikers won.

Don’t expect to see him knocking down pins. He is onboard to strictly be an owner.

“I want to keep that competitive edge by getting involved with a sport I really enjoy,” Owens said on

“I always felt that my time in Dallas was special and I had a great time while I was there. Hopefully we can put
Dallas back on the map with a bowling championship.”

Perhaps his advice can help Titus Young to keep his name on the map.

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