Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tom Brady Says He Understands How RG3 Is Feeling

By now we are all aware of the news that Robert Griffin III had to total reconstructive knee surgery this morning.  It’s a sad situation, but with a glass half full outlook, RG3 should be back in time for training camp.

Tom Brady although not the same type of player, understands better than anyone what that feels like and how tough it is to come back from.

Brady offered some kind words for Griffin III via USA Today, and said he feels for the talented rookie.
“You hate to see guys injured, and I certainly wouldn’t wish that injury on anybody,” Brady said during a morning press conference before the Pats’ practice in preparation for Sunday’s divisional round playoff game against the Houston Texans.
“It’s tough, and you see plenty of guys on the team come back. We’ve had quite a few players. It’s a physical game. It takes its toll. It’s not an easy game.”
The Injuries are definitely different, with Brady getting hurt during the first game of the year and painfully having to watch and miss a whole season.

Not that it makes it any better, but RG3 has been through this before, and has the whole off-season to come back better.
“I think you try to be mentally and physically tough,” Brady said. “The teams that do that over the course of the season continue to advance, and certainly injuries play a part of every season. We’ve had guys injured. Houston has plenty of guys injured.
“That’s just part of the season. The more depth and quality that you have on the football team, the better you’ll be over the long run and the more you’ll be able to sustain it.”

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