Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bill Walton Blast Ben Howland, Says UCLA Should Fire Him

UCLA head coach Ben Howland has had a rough go of it in Westwood.  With a highly touted recruiting class and star Shabazz Muhammad in the fold, things were supposed to be different.

Yesterday after barely beating Washington, the Bruins moved to 17-6 on the season.  That would be considered a good season some places, but in the land of John Wooden, it’s unacceptable.

One of the men who got Wooden some of those titles, Bill Walton, is not fond of Howland at all, and blasted Howland on the air as he was calling the game, suggesting UCLA should fire him according to USA Today.
 I’m not in charge. If I were, things would be different. …They should just announce that everybody can come down closer and fill in the empty seats.”
Pasch: “You’ve criticized the attendance now five times. Give me a solution. How do you fix it?”
Walton: ”Play better basketball.”
Pasch: “OK, well, that’s obvious. How do you play better basketball?”
Walton: ”Better style.”
Pasch: “Alright, so, is that the coach? Is that the players?”
Walton: ”It’s the coach.
Pasch: ”So you’re not a Ben Howland fan?”
Walton: ”No.
Walton waited a few minutes, and let Howland have it again.
Pasche: “What’s the next best option there for UCLA?
Walton: ”Do they look like they’re having a good time? Are they playing great basketball? Are they selling tickets? Is this an atmosphere that you would say, ‘Yeah.’ This looks like people are getting ready to go to the dentist.”
Bill Walton is somewhere still letting Howland have it.

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