Monday, February 4, 2013

I BELIEVE (in Flacco)

I admin it, I was not a beleiver.

When I looked at the big, relatively uncoordinated QB, I couldn't get past him failing to win a starting job at Pitt against a guy who didn't even get a cup of coffee. I couldn't get past his INT numbers or his relatively pedestrian completion percentages.

Now, I am not saying that I didn't see the potential early, or recognize that he was a starting QB at the NFL level late....but a premier QB?

Yeah, I just didn't see it.

I was wrong.

Joe Flacco has a couple things that you cannot buy, and you should never undervalue.

First, he has phsyical abilities which allow him to differentiate himself from other QB's in the league. He he is a huge man, which an easy delivery that allows him to make every required throw and several that most teams don't even bother to leave in the playbook.

This is a guy who put the ball 31 yards down the field, on the money, on the run last night.

We hear all the time about the "spread" offenses.

Those offenses spread the field horizontally, Flacco allows the Ravens to spread the defense vertically. This is not a new concept, it's just one we don't hear about much anymore. He is perfectlt suited to it, physically, and good on the Ravens for recognizing that and having the patience to let him grown.

Second, he could not care less what we all think about him.

He is so self-confident that he borders on, if not crossing the line to, being an @$$#0l%. He told everyone who would ask that he was one of the best QB's in the league, and we laughed. Admit it, you laughed too. I know I did.

After watching him one of the best postseasons in the history in the NFL, following up a prior season where he opened some eyes with a very good AFC Championship game against New England. I have one thing to say. I was wrong.

Joe Flacco is easily in the top tier of the QB's in the league, and Baltimore owes him a big damned check.

And he'll probably make a liar out of me now.

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