Monday, February 4, 2013

Jaguars WR Laurent Robinson Mulling Retirement

The NFL has been very concerned of late with player safety in general, and with concussions in particular, especially after the lawsuit being brought by Junior Seau‘s family. Perhaps no active player is more concerned with the issue of concussion than Laurent Robinson of the Jacksonville Jaguars, who suffered four separate head injuries of his own during the 2012 season.

Robinson is considering the very real possibility of retirement, according to an article in the Florida Times Union, as he still is suffering headaches so bad that he prefers not to go out in daylight.

Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon will be back, but beyond that, there’s really not an experienced third wide receiver on the roster that could replace what a healthy Robinson has to offer. Of course, that assumes
Robinson can get back to being healthy at all, and if the risk of another concussion is worth his attempting to return.
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