Thursday, February 7, 2013

Joe Montana Says Randy Moss Can’t Do All The Things Jerry Rice could do

Randy Moss caused a stir when he took over Super Bowl media with the comments that he’s the greatest wide receiver to ever play the game. 
Jerry Rice, who many consider to be the GOAT, took exception to those comments and calmly disagreed.

Now the guy who threw so many touchdown passes to Rice has an opinion of his own.

Joe Montana appeared on Pro Football Talk, and in his opinion, “Moss couldn’t do all the things that Rice could.”
“I just think that he can’t do all the things that Jerry could do,” Montana said. “Randy will get behind you and he’s pretty good at going up and down the field. But going across the middle and catching little 10-yard crosses and 5-yard shallow crosses and turning them into a big play by making people miss, that’s not going to happen. He may outrun you, but he’s not going to make you miss.
“He’s a great receiver, but he’s not Jerry Rice.”
I think that right there is the ultimate argument for Rice’s greatness and the reason why he ultimately is the best.  Rice has never had anyone question his motor or his toughness.

I feel if Moss had been more willing to make tough catches over the middle and take the hitch route and turn it into 70 yard touchdowns, then we could probably talk about Moss being the greatest of all time.

It’s Rice hands down.

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