Monday, February 4, 2013

Muhammad Ali seriously ill, according to brother Rahman

According to his brother Rahman (Rudy), 71-year-old former world heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali is seriously ill and could be enjoying his last year of life. Rahman gave an exclusive interview with the Sun newspaper in Britain and stated that ‘The Greatest’ might only have weeks or days to live. He said Ali’s health condition is quickly deteriorating and the former champ doesn’t even recognize him these days.

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, Ali won an Olympic gold Medal in the light heavyweight boxing division at the 1960 Summer Games in Rome. He turned pro later that year and went on to become the most-recognized person on the planet. He captured the heavyweight crown from Sonny Liston in Miami, Florida in 1964 when he was just 22 years old. Ali fought for the last time as a professional in 1981 when he was beaten by Jamaican Trevor Berbick by unanimous decision in a bout billed as the drama in Bahama. His pro record was 56-5 with 37 Kos.

Ali took on and beat most of the best fighters of his era as a three-time heavyweight champion, such as Liston, Archie Moore, Floyd Patterson, Joe Frazier, Ken Norton, Earnie Shavers, Leon Spinks George Foreman, and Larry Holmes. He was topped just once in his career, in his second-last bout, when trainer Angelo Dundee halted the fight against Homes in the 10th round.

In 1984 he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s syndrome and his health has been going downhill ever since. Ali noticeably shakes when seen in public and often needs assistance walking. The 69-year-old Rahman also claimed that Ali can’t speak anymore and he’s sicker now than ever before. He said his fate is in the hands of God and he’s not sure how long his brother might last. He said he’s not sure he’ll make it to the end of this summer and when he does pass away he hopes he goes painlessly and gently. Rahman said he’d actually like to see his brother go sooner rather than later so he doesn’t have to suffer anymore at the hands of his disease.

Rahman stated that Ali’s will definitely be going up to heaven and if he died tomorrow all of the world’s statesmen would attend his funeral since his brother touched people of all nationalities and races as well as the rich and poor. He went on to say that he loves his brother and he’s one of the kindest and most famous people to ever walk the face of the earth.

Truer words were never spoken and it’s almost impossible to chronicle Ali’s life and career in one article. Ali’s life has been one of the most remarkable and historic for any human being let alone an athlete. He was just as comfortable and at home with royalty and heads of state as he was with children and the homeless etc. You’ll find his name in historical, political, religious, entertainment, and sports annals throughout the world. He even met with former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein back in 1991 in an attempt to free hostages held in the Gulf War.

Here’s hoping that Ali’s long and amazing journey isn’t over soon, but at the same time he’s hopefully not going to suffer if he carries on.
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