Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rob Gronkowski is catching heat from local media

The events surrounding the Super Bowl may be the worst thing for New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

For each of the past two years he has been injured in or around the big game.

And for each of the past two years he has risked further injury by partying a bit to hard during post-game festivities.

The Patriots could not have been delighted to catch a screening of the TMZ video of him wrestling in a nightclub and landing on the same forearm that he injured twice this NFL season.

The local media certainly is not as Boston Herald writer Karen Guregian more or less put it out there that its time for him to calm down.

In that same report, her story pulled a quote from him that was taken from a media appearance last week in New Orleans.

“It doesn’t start for a couple more months,” Gronkowski stated about his availability for the team’s off-season activities. “Obviously, I’m planning on being healthy within the same time frame as last time (4-6 weeks). Just got to rehab, get my muscles strengthened back up, let the bone heal, and obviously my goal is to be 100 percent before the season, which I think is very fair to say that I will be.”

If we are keeping it real, there is nothing that can happen in a club or a bar that is going to lead to this kid getting back on his game as soon as possible.

Alcohol is destructive to the body no matter how you slice it.

And we all know Gronk likes to drink a little something.

He’s a young kid that’s taking big money from a team that is not normally prone to putting up with this kind of thing.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft dug deep into his pockets and handed him a $54 million six-year contract extension out of good faith before Gronk was due to discuss a new deal.

It speaks to just how much value the Patriots have placed on Gronkowski.

But at some point, the threshold of patience will run out.

Gronkowski has been injured a total of three times in two seasons.

It would be wise for him to survey how he lives his life.

It’s cool to be a bit over-the-top, it’s not cool to throw away the opportunity of a lifetime.

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