Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Titus Young released by Detroit Lions

Titus Young is the latest in a long line of troubled wide receivers that seemingly just does not “get it.” On Monday he was released by the Detroit Lions ending a two-year run that completely represents the term could have, would have and should have.

The team issued a short and terse statement on their website.

Young’s troubled with the Lions have been well documented here.

By acting out childishly Young not only ran himself out of the The Lions, he has made himself a hard sell for another ball club.

His laundry list of offenses range from sucker-punching a teammate to purposely lining up at the wrong place during a game to blasting his franchise on Twitter on several occasions.

I’m not saying that the kid won’t find work.

He just won’t find the situation that he thinks that he will find.

The NFL as a whole found out a long time ago that you can’t rehab somebody’s attitude.

You can rehab a knee. You can rehab an arm.

You can’t rehab somebody’s attitude.

The Lions will take a $900,000 cap hit in 2013 thanks to Young.

Their front office certainly has the pulse of the NFL .

There was no trade value there.

They just had to suck-it-up and deal with the dead money.

Titus Young has branded himself as a headache.

Let’s see if he grows up now.

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