Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vancouver MMA Brand Proves Worthy

Reign Full Contact, founded in 2009 in the Western Canadian province of British Columbia, has become a Canada-Wide success story. In 4 short years, Reign is now available in select retailers Canada-wide and is about to be distributed across Europe.

With a background in martial arts of over 50 years collectively, the three owners knew the industry standards could be improved and knew just how to do it. In 2009, Reign worked with some of Western Canada’s best professional fighters and trainers at John Punt’s renowned Impact MMA in Nanaimo, B.C.

From there, Reign acquired crucial firsthand feedback on their products and the development process began.

“There is no better way to develop martial arts equipment, than to listen to the pros that push gear to the limits.” Says Jason Culley, CEO of Reign. After 4 yrs of product development and design, Reign not only has one of the top rated brands on the market, Reign is outselling other top brands in select retailers.
Mikado Martial Arts Supply in Vancouver, BC is the longest running martial arts supply store in Vancouver.

Open since 1952, Mikado has been open 62 years. Mikado started carrying Reign in small quantities in early 2010. They have seen major changes in the brand and started carrying more each year as the product line developed. Now in 2013, Reign has become one of Mikado’s strongest sellers, beside the likes of prominent MMA brands Hayabusa and Rival. Not bad for a local brand which started on minimal funds and a strong passion to make the best MMA gear possible.

What makes Reign Full Contact’s MMA gear so popular? The first part of the equation is the use of the best construction materials. Where most brands use split leather or even synthetic leather to save money and increase profits, Reign refuses to cut corners. Only top grade cowhide leather is used in the construction of their full adult line. In the construction of their Thai Pads, Reign uses 100% top grade cowhide leather, 32 rivet construction, Cross stitching and dual leather sidewalls. From a business stand point their profits are not as high as other brands who cut corners. But this no BS approach to making top quality MMA Gear is what makes the Reign Brand stand out and sell very well. Anyone who knows what they are looking at will choose Reign over any other brand. Brandon, head of Mikado’s purchasing department states that instructors are asking for Reign products directly, due to the durability of the brand over others. He says that Reign’s focus mitts and Thai Pads are outselling all other brands including Rival and Hayabusa.

Some brands claim to develop their MMA gear in a University, while Reign works face to face with today’s professional Trainers and Athletes making all the necessary enhancements to evolve their quality beyond the industry standard. Reign is an MMA fight gear company that embodies the true ethics of the martial arts. Passion, hard work and durability are all built in to every product that Reign produces.

Reign is set to release their all new 2013 “Combat Series” Line of Gear. There will be some revolutionary enhancements which the market has never seen before. There seems to always be something new and exciting coming from this Brand. Their passion is very evident in the standard and pace that they are setting.

To checkout their full Line of MMA gear go to http://www.reignarmy.com
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We would also like to thank Mikado Martial Arts Supply for their contribution to this story and for their 60+ years of service to the Martial Arts community.

MIKADO Enterprises Ltd.,
701 East Hastings Street,
Vancouver, British Columbia,
Canada, V6A 1R3.
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