Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2nd Woman, Former Sex Instructor, Files Paternity Suit Against Michael Jordan

NBA legend Michael Jordan has more to worry about, as it's being reported that another woman (making it two) have come out and claims that Jordan is INDEED the father of her child.

According to Gossip Extra, the woman, Pamela Smith, is claiming that Jordan and her had sex, which produced a love child. She's suing Jordan for child support and also to prove (by way of a paternity test) that Jordan is the father of her teenage soon.

Also, she wants the right to change her teenage son's last name to JORDAN.
The report also points out that Smith bills herself as a sex expert who teaches couples to put back the zing in their tired romantic lives, according to Smith's website. Smith also claims herself to be Atlanta's foremost expert on oral sex and relationships!

The site also goes on to say that Smith is a former NFL cheerleader, former model, and a former boxing ring girl who is now an entrepreneur.

Look at it.... women are racing out of the woods claiming Jordan is the baby daddy. 
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