Friday, March 15, 2013

Christian Ponder strikes back at Percy Harvin

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin got his way and was traded away from the Minnesota Vikings partly because of his reported feelings about his former quarterback Christian Ponder.

Ponder has wasted very little time stepping to the proverbial podium and letting it be known that he could care less what Harvin says, does or thinks.

The Pioneer Press ran a variety of statements from Ponder that started off assertive but eventually became pretty direct.

Ponder started off by stating that he and Harvin had a nice relationship and that since he did not hear the words come out of Harvin’s mouth, it didn’t matter much.

“The thing is, there’s no quote strictly from Percy that he was the one saying it,” Ponder said. “I haven’t put too much thought into it. If that was his opinion, that’s unfortunate. But he’s a Seahawk now, so it doesn’t really matter.”

That turned into  this.

“People have their opinions. There were things I could have done better (last season). But now that he’s on a different team, his opinion doesn’t really mean much.”

Ponder is right it doesn’t mean much now. This is especially in light of the fact that Harvin made it a point to thank Ponder’s predecessor Brett Favre at his intro presser with the Seahawks on Tuesday.

There is obviously not a lot of love lost between these two.

Ponder is currently the quarterback of the Vikings. He can’t afford to get his feelings hurt.

We have seen where that got Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

The Vikings decided to gamble on Ponder in lieu of Harvin.

From a football perspective from the outside looking in, this will most likely come back to bite the current administration in the ass.

Ponder has proven himself to be just ‘ok’ while Harvin often flirts with the word elite.

Ponder has to perform now for those that believed in him enough to trade away the team’s second-best player.

If you thought the Vikings were reaching when they drafted him…they are really reaching now that they have traded off a key piece to their offense.

Harvin’s situation with the Vikings was very complicated and it was about more than just his feelings about Christian Ponder.

The fact remains there were only a few ways that the Vikings could have retained Harvin while making him happy.

And they are not ready to quit on Ponder just yet even if Harvin already had.

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