Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Metta World Peace Says He’s Not Dirty, Just Aggressive

Metta World Peace sometimes has trouble controlling his elbows, and after getting a flagrant 2 for a hit on the Nuggets Kenneth Faried the other night, World Peace is trying to do damage control.
World Peace says George Karl and other older coaches and players can understand where he’s coming from, and that he’s simply a guy who plays hard and aggressive, but he’s not dirty according to ESPN L.A.
“As I get older, I’m learning how to just play hard,” World Peace said. “It’s not like I brought this aggression to the league. I didn’t invent this. This is what we watched, this is what we saw. The Bill Laimbeers and the [Dennis] Rodmans, they play hard and they wasn’t trying to hurt anybody. They played hard. They played with passion. We grew up wanting to play with passion. So, when the guys say we’re dirty, we’re just playing hard. We’re not playing dirty. We’re just playing. We’re reacting. We’re going hard. We want to win.”
Karl spoke on the matter, and stated that from his view, World Peace’s elbow to Faried’s face seem premeditated.
I saw it on film and I thought it was — whatever the word is — premeditated,” Karl said.
World Peace also blamed some of his bad rap on the media that over reports everything.
“It gets publicized,” World Peace said. “This media era is amazing. Twitter, Facebook, ESPN, news outlets everywhere. Then [the NBA has] got to do something because public perception is everything. It’s everything. So they got to do something. They just can’t let it act like they’re not paying attention to it, especially when it’s my reputation.
“I’m happy I didn’t get suspended, I’ll tell you that. With my reputation, they could have easily been like, ‘Hey, two games.’ “
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