Monday, March 4, 2013

Robert Kraft: We Are Lucky To Have Roger Goodell As Commissioner

Before everyone goes ballistic, remember Roger Goodell works for the NFL and it’s owners.  Goodell was featured on ESPN’s Outside The Lines this morning, and during the telecast Patriots owner Robert Kraft was asked about Goodell as a commissioner.

Mr. Kraft didn’t mince words when describing what kind of Commissioner Goodell is.  According to Pro Football Talk, Kraft said that “I think we really lucked out with him as commissioner.”
“I think we really lucked out with him as commissioner,” Kraft said. “I think Roger, once he assumed this position, really runs the NFL like he owns it and thinks like an owner.”
Kraft was extremely honest when he stated that he didn’t look the job Goodell does from the player’s point of view.
“To be honest, I really don’t focus on how players view the commissioner,” Kraft said. “All I know is he’s very tough but very fair, and he’s doing a job, and it’s not going to help him win popularity contests. I want him to do things just the way he’s doing them.”
Goodell for all the criticism he receives, has made the NFL a ton of money, and increased the value of every NFL team.

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