Friday, March 1, 2013

Undefeated Heavyweights Vyacheslav Glazkov and Malik Scott fight to 10-round draw

When television broadcasters were hyping the heavyweight bout between undefeated boxers Vyacheslav Glazkov and Malik Scott at Huntington, New York’s Paramount Theater, on Feb. 23 they were claiming that somebody’s O had to go. Of course, this wasn’t technically true since the bout could end and a draw and that’s exactly what happened after 10 rounds of boxing.

The 33-year-old Philadelphia American veteran Scott tried to use his superior height and reach while the 28-year-old Glazkov, a former bronze-medal winner with the Ukrainian Olympic boxing team, attempted to bull his way inside and land his shots. Both boxers had an equal amount of success throughout the bout and this was reflected in the judges scoring. One judge had it 98-92 for Scott, while another gave the nod to Glazkov 96-94 and the third judge had it even at 95-95.

Scott got the better of the early rounds while Glazkov came on during the second half of the fight when he started to close the distance and smother his opponent. Scott landed more blows in the bout by connecting with 161 of his shots while Glazkov landed 127 and arguably the harder shots. Scott’s connect ratio was also better at 41 per cent compared to 27 per cent by Glazkov.

After the bout, Glazkov said he thought he won the contest because Scott ran for most of the bout and didn’t want to exchange blows with him. Scott responded by saying that he’s a boxer who has good footwork and if he’s utilizing the ring then it’s up to his opponent to stop him or cut the ring off. He added that if they meet again he’ll stop Glazkov and the Ukrainian is lucky the fight went to the scorecards.
Since the judging was deemed to be controversial in some quarters, there’s a good chance that a rematch could be held before the year’s out. With the draw, Scott’s record went to 34-0-1 with 12 Kos while Glazkov’s went to 14-0-1 with 10 Kos.

On the undercard, 28-year-old hometown boxer Chris Algieri beat 22-year-old Jose Peralta of the Dominican Republic in an exciting, fast-paced junior welterweight showdown. Algieri won the 10-round bout by scored of 97-93, 96-94, and 98-92. It was non-stop action right from the opening bell with Algieri throwing an average of 108 punches per round for a 10-rund total of 1,080. He raised his unbeaten record to 16-0 with 7 Kos while Peralta dropped to 10-2 with 6 Kos.

Both boxers landed some excellent shots, but neither of them appeared to be hurt during the bout. It was the first time Peralta went 10 rounds with his previous high mark being six. The seventh round was one of the best of the year so far with both boxers combining on 223 punches thrown during the 180-second round.

Algieri was just as fresh in the final round as statistics showed that he threw 135 punches in the final three minutes. has the latest odds in the world of boxing and mixed martial arts along with all of the other major sports events.
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