Monday, March 4, 2013

Vladimir Guerrero wants to attempt a comeback

You hate to see athletes way past their prime trying to hang on. Some know when to leave (John Elway, Ray Lewis, Marvin Hagler) and there are some who don't know when to say when (Rickey Henderson, Brett Favre). If there is anyone in the world of sports that wants one last shot at glory they should ask Willie Mays or Joe Namath how their last years turned out.

Ken Rosenthal of reported that MLB slugger Vladimir Guerrero is entertaining the thought of a comeback. 

At age 38 he could possibly still have something left in the tank. But injuries have taken their toll on Guerrero and the last time he played in the majors he was a shell of his former self. There are no more out of the strike zone homers. No more shoe top doubles. He can no longer turn on a quality fastball.

Last season he signed a minor league deal with the Toronto Blue Jays and reportedly "hit well" in the 12 games that he played in. But he thought  he would call Toronto's bluff and told them to call him up or release him and the Jays cut him loose. Keep in mind that Toronto had a lot of injuries last season so that should've been a sign for Guerrero to quit.

Right now he's seeking a minor league deal. I don't know if he'll get one considering that Jim Thome still hasn't found a gig despite the politicking of Minnesota Twins manager Ron Gardenhire.

That's another sign that Guerrero should pump the brakes on his comeback.
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