Monday, April 1, 2013

Collin Klein Thinks His Draft Stock Is Rising

Former Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein has been given every excuse in the world for why he either won’t make it as an NFL quarterback, or should just switch positions.

Klein though won’t give up his dream of playing under center, and as he told the Topeka Capital Journal, he thinks “he’s impressing scouts, and his draft stock is rising.”
“I felt like I had two good days,” Klein said Saturday prior to a two-hour autograph signing session at the Kansas Sampler store in Topeka. “I made progress and really improved, before the combine first and then in the time between the combine and pro day we made some strides, too. We’re moving in the right direction.
“It’s different not being in school, but it gives me a little extra time to focus and work on little things here and there. It’s a pretty all-inclusive process, but we’re enjoying it. I just love the game. We’re getting better and having fun with it.”
Klein said he even spent some time in Denver working with former Broncos and NFL quarterback Jake Plummer.
“We did everything,” Klein said. “We worked on footwork, core strength, flexibility with the shoulder … lots of different things. It was pretty all-inclusive and he taught me a lot. He gave great insight from him having been there (the NFL) and doing that for a very long time. I really appreciated his time and his effort working with me.”
It’s not for me to say who can and can not play at the pro level.  I just don’t really see an NFL starter in Collin Klein, but what do I know, I’m just a journalist.

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