Tuesday, April 2, 2013

'Dunk City' coach moves to SoCal

For those of us in the midwest, it was big news when the Wichita State Shockers made their trip to LA. A trip to the Elite 8 was a monumental accomplishment.

That is now forgotten with their planned trip to Atlanta, but it looks like WSU's coach Marshall wasn't the only mid-major coach interested in LA.

Andy Enfield, the young coach of Florida Gulf Coast exploded onto the college basketball scene as his LA Times.  Regardless of the announcement date, it was no joke with USC confirmed that their 2 and 1/2 month coaching search was over with the hiring of the 43 year old Enfield. 
underdog Eagles flew over and around Georgetown and San Diego State on their way to the Sweet 16. According to the

There is no question that the style of play Enfield's team showed at FGCU will be welcomed by sports fans in Southern California, and with UCLA in the coaching hunt as well, this was a great time to hire a coach with an exciting style.  The question is, was this too quick a hire?  One big year does not a career make, and this is a huge jump for the husband of lovely Amanda Marcum, is making a HUGE jump. 

To illustrate the size of the jump, I would to share a few points and numbers. 

First, USC has been around since 1880.
FGCU was established in 1991.

USC has been playing since 1922.
FGCU has been playing D-1 basketball since 2011

FGCU has an enrollment of 11,300 students
USC's court holds 10,258 patrons

Think about that, there will be nearly as many people watching his games as there were students at his old school. 

Dont' get me wrong, I will be rooting for Enfield, and he does have some talent waiting for him in Southern Cal, but this feels like a knee jerk reaction after USC was spurned by their first choices.
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