Monday, May 13, 2013

Bank Robber Hits 5 Manhattan Banks in 1 Hour Wearing Jets jersey

Even when the New York Jets aren’t trying to attract the ridiculous headlines, they do.

According to story via NBC New York, today a bank robber hit five Manhattan banks in the span of an hour while wearing a none other than a Jets jersey.
The robber began his spree just before 1 p.m., at a Chase bank on Broadway on the Upper West Side. About 20 minutes later, he hit another Chase bank nearby.
He moved on to a Capital One bank in Midtown on 57th Street about 15 minutes later, and then a Bank of America down the block just seven minutes after that.
About 20 minutes after that, he hit a Capital One bank on Fifth Avenue, police say.
What’s even more amusing is the fact that he failed to get any money out of three of the five banks he attempted to rob. Apparently he wasn’t armed, and used a note to relay his intentions to the tellers.

While the Jets make pathetic attempts to steal headlines, a fan of of theirs makes a pathetic attempt to rob a bank, how fitting.

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