Thursday, May 9, 2013

James Harden vows to help the Houston Rockets recruit free agents

The Houston Rockets have found the face of their franchise.

Despite not being able to take advantage of the weaker-than-usual Oklahoma City Thunder in the playoffs, the Rockets feel that they are a team on the rise.

Last off-season, the initial thought was that Jeremy Lin was imported to Texas to give the Rockets a brand to anchor their logo on.

That did not exactly work out as James Harden rode into town and took over both on and off the court.

Harden’s combo platter  of charisma and skill have rendered him a big time player.

As Houston moves on to seek new pieces to their puzzle, Harden told ESPN that he is ready to recruit free agents to help their cause.

“Hell, yeah,” Harden said when asked if he will be active in the free agent process. “There’s a lot of good options out there.”

When asked if Dwight Howard was one of the options that he was referring to, Harden smiled and played coy with his answer.

“Maybe. Possibly,” Harden said.

As the sting of their playoff exit wore on, Harden received high praise from Thunder primary Kevin Durant.

“I love James like a brother, Durant said. “Blood couldn’t bring us any closer.

“He’s going to be a brother from life.”

Never was it more evident how much the Thunder missed Harden than it was when Russell Westbrook was injured for the year.

Obviously, Durant misses the contributions of the Rockets new leader.

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