Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kirk Hinrich on Jason Collins Coming out: “It’s a big Distraction”

Ever since NBA center Jason Collins announced to the world that he is gay yesterday, most of the sentiments from other athletes and celebrities have been both positive and supportive.

Those who have dared to go against the grain like ESPN’s Chris Broussard and Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace, have been chastised and vilified for offering a different opinion on the subject.

Well, according to a story courtesy of Slam Online, Chicago Bulls point guard Kirk Hinrich may find himself amongst that group after he told Chicago Sun-Times, that his former teammate’s announcement was ill-timed.
‘It’s really not significant to me. It surprised me but it’s just a big distraction right now. I was surprised after reading all that. It doesn’t really change what kind of person he is or anything. It’s just who he is.’
 ‘He was a good teammate, good guy. That’s about all I have to say about it.’
Hinrich kept his opinions short, sweet, and to the point. I guess he saw how Broussard and Wallace were burnt at the stake yesterday and chose to avoid the public persecution.

He did bring up a valid point about the time of the whole thing, everything else happening in the NBA was put on hold and rightfully so, it was a pioneering moment in our society but there’s no doubt the timing could have been better.

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