Monday, May 20, 2013

Kobe Bryant literally dove into an ocean full of sharks

Through the years Kobe Bryant has claimed to be the ultimate competitor.

The Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard has built his entire myth around it.

Each and every one of his nicknames/handles point to this.

” The Assassin,” ” The Black Mamba” and other aliases serve to point to his psyche as much as they point to his basketball skills.

Heidi Burgett over at Nike posted a poster image on Twitter that will add just another chapter in the legend of Kobe.

The story behind the image reads like an urban legend.

Avar witnessed Kobe Bryant’s alpha male personality firsthand on a deep-sea fishing trip about 60 miles from Newport, California. ” There are sharks,whales dolphins all around, and he’s like,’If I jump, will you jump?’ I’m like,’Dude we just saw sharks.’ He says’ Come on.’ No sooner do I say okay, he takes off his shirt and jumps. I just literally grabbed my camera, and got this shot just in time.”

Was he a bit crazy for diving into an ocean full of sharks that he had made visible contact with?


But he would not have it any other way. Click the thumbnail below the tweet to view the image/story.

Video: Kobe Bryant career retrospective

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