Friday, May 24, 2013

Tom Brady on his path to get better

Can New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady become even better?

He certainly thinks he can be.

Brady spoke with Sports Illustrated and explained that even in the wake of the passing of his mentor Tom
Martinez, he continues to find ways to elevate his game.

“I owe so much to Tom Martinez,” Brady said. “He taught me so much about how to play the game and throw the football. He was so committed to me for so many years. I miss him every time I step on the field. I found Tom House, and really developed a rapport with him quickly. I’ve learned, and to me, the learning process is fun. The same way Tom Martinez was always there to watch and give me corrections, Tom House has told me why certain corrections need to be made. Look at a baseball swing and a golf swing. It’s all mechanics. Look at how Barry Bonds swings. Look at how Floyd Mayweather punches. Mechanics. When you’ve got to fit it into the tightest windows, mechanics are crucial. And to me, the offseason is crucial. If you make a throw within four feet, that’s not going to be good enough. You have to make the throw within four inches of your target. That’s good enough. And that’s why the mechanics you adjust and learn in the offseason are important. You’re going to keep them during the season.

Tom Brady stated that his latest instructor Tom House is pushing him hard.

“Tom House, pretty soon after the season, said basically, ‘All right, Tommy. Get to work.’ That’s the one thing that helps me move forward,” Brady said. “There’s nothing we can do about losing the championship game to the Ravens. It sucks. You move on. But, with Tom, I think I’ve learned some things this offseason that are really going to help me.”

I said, “Be specific — give me one thing, or two things you feel are going to help you this year.”

“One thing,” he said. He paused. “Well … I hate to … well done is better than well said. I’d rather not say. I want people to watch and see if they notice.

“Over the years, I was a little inefficient and I learned how to get away with it. I’ve been working with Tom House on what’s called ground-force production … Kinetic sequencing, getting the power from the ground, which translates from the ground to your legs, to your hips, to the shoulder, and all the energy is going toward the target. I’ve always had confidence throwing the football, but you have to stay on top of it. That’s going to be a never-ending quest for me.

Tom Brady broke down the numbers on what he has learned and from whom.

“I’d say 98 percent of it is exactly what Tom Martinez taught me,” Brady said. “This other 2 percent is nothing between the ears, we’re just talking about a couple of things. Coach Belichick teaches me about what to expect from defenses. [Offensive coordinator] Josh [McDaniels] is always teaching me about offensive plays and drops. I like that, just like I like this work with Tom House. Once you feel like you’re done learning, you might as well move on.”

To be great at anything the learning process never stops. Champions always view success as a journey and not as a destination.

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