Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tony Romo has surgery,out three weeks

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will be ready for training camp.

The word surgery tends to freak people out.

Seeing that Romo just collected a fat $108 million contract extension from the club, its important to note that this procedure won’t impact his long term status.

That out of the way, the Dallas Morning News is reporting that in April, Romo had a cyst removed from his back.

He was experiencing a degree of pain and decided to get it taken care of.

Tony Romo discussed the situation.

“It was something I felt like was nagging me just enough,’’ Romo said. “I wanted to make sure to get it done now. I wanted to take care of it earlier rather than later.’’

“If this was the regular season and I had to play next week, I could,’’ Romo said. “This is just about being smart.

“That’s why I did it now. This will have no effect on training camp. No way will it have an impact. And I still think there’s a good chance I’m on the field for mini-camp.’’

Tony Romo played off the severity of the issue.

“It was not much of anything,’’ Romo said. “I just went in and had them look at it. It was more of an ache than anything. I just thought, ‘well, it’s something I’d rather not feel.’

“I’d rather be 100 percent, not 96 percent. It’s done and it’s made me feel better.’’

Romo is currently cleared to throw the football but is not cleared to work with the team during OTAs.

His current timetable for recovery is three weeks.

This should get him onboard for mini-camps which start on June 12.

“I’m excited,’’ Romo said. “Over the last month, I got my juices flowing even more.

“I’m amped up and ready to go.’

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