Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hartline: We don’t want New York fans at Sun Life Stadium

At least once a year, when the Jets come to town, there’s an influx of opposing attendees that infiltrate Sun Life Stadium.

Brian Hartline is hoping to put an end to that.

Taking part in a teleconference with fans Tuesday, the Dolphins receiver said the team is sick of seeing New York fans in its house.

“In the past there have been some New York teams that at times have had some pretty good representation at our stadium, especially in the lower seating,” Hartline said, via the Palm Beach Post. “We definitely want to get that fixed. We want to get more of our Dolphins fans, hear more of the roars on our plays that are successful.”

Hartline added that there’s been a “noticeable” improvement with Miami faithful, but is continuing his campaigning for a better result.

The 26-year-old is projected to be an integral part of what he believes is a “championship caliber” offense.

He’s gone to bat for quarterback Ryan Tannehill several times in recent weeks, and continues hammering home the praise, likely in hopes of filling the Sun Life seats with Fins fans.

“He’s making every throw, his deep ball looks awesome, and he’s got great touch — you don’t feel like it’s a rocket coming into your hands,” Hartline said. “His improvement has been amazing. Actually I wouldn’t say amazing because I’ve seen it week in and week out and how much work he’s put in. It hasn’t come out of nowhere. It’s not surprising.”

While the Dolphins’ litany of offseason acquisitions certainly inspire confidence, it’s not going to stop the many New York transplants from seeing their team up close and personal. Simply put, football isn’t the sports superpower in South Florida. That honor undoubtedly belongs to the Miami Heat, and it doesn’t look like it’s changing any time soon.
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