Wednesday, August 28, 2013


This doesn't look like it's going to be a banner year in the AFC east, but really, can anyone remember a year where at least one of these teams didn't stink?

On the bright side, the Bills and Dolphins look to be taking steps in the right direction and their fandoms have hope again. 

The Pats are going to be interesting, as they look like they are going to have to learn on their running game heavier than they did in past years.  That's not really a bad thing when you were known for passing last year and ended up with the #7 rushing attack in the league.

but, enough about last year...the question, which rookies are going to help out the most on their teams?

here we go, the AFC EAST Impact Rookies.


Projected Starters:

EJ Manuel QB:

Robert Woods WR:

Likely Contributors:

Da'Rick Rogers WR: He has to make the team, but unless he does something truly boneheaded the Bills would be foolish to not give him at least a season.  This guy was being compared to Julio Jones in the SEC before he smoked himself out Tennessee.  He is big, strong, and talented.


Projected Starters:

DE/OLB Dion Jordan

The only reason that Jordan's status as a starter is in question is the shoulder injury that he is coming back from.  It's not considered career threatening, and he has been the most impressive talent on the field for the Dolphins D this off-season.  To be frank, there is no way they have 2 D-End and 2 OLB's who are better than this kid.  Pick you spot and put him in.

Caleb Sturgis K

Sturgis has a solid hold on the placekicking duties for the Fins.  Not exciting, but a rookie starter is a rookie starter.

Likely Contributors:

Dallas Thomas OL:

Thomas is a raw talent, but he is a beast of a man.  Right now he is slotted as the #3 guard on the O-line as Richie Incognito's backup.  He played tackle in college as well, and couple easily play at RT if either of the starting tackles goes down.  He has a very high ceiling as a guard.


Projected Starters: None

Likely Contributors:

Aaron Dobson WR

It's a big, open competition at Wide Receiver for that Pats.  Dobson is a big receiver with a lot of raw talent.  Is a very physical receiver, but does not have great speed.  If he can learn to use his big frame effectively and consistently, he could be the red zone threat to help fill in for the sudden void in Tight End talent for the Pats.

Josh Boyce WR

Boyce is a different kind of receiver, but is physically impressive in his own way.  He is not a tall receiver, but he is built like a running back and is as effective once he has the ball in his hands.  He has the potential to be a tremendous weapon in the slot, which is a position that the Pats have come to lean on heavily.


Projected Starters:

Dee Milliner CB

The Jets defensive schemes lean heavily on having lockdown corners and in this league you really need to have 3 solid corners.  They are plugging Milliner into replace Revis, which is a big bite, but Milliner was as good as we have seen the last few years.  He has good size and speed, and was coached up by some of the best in the business.

Sheldon Richardson DE

Richardson is the kind of flexible athlete, position-wise, that allows Rex Ryan to do the things that he likes to do on defense.  Richardson can play anywhere on the line and is agile enough to be useful in a zone blitz package.  He is the next piece of the rebuilding of the Gang Green defense.

Geno Smith QB

I don't know if Smith is ready to be a starter in the league, but with the mess that is Mark Sanchez has turned into, there is nearly no way that Smith does not start at some point this year.  He is talented, and I hope that being thrown in the fire early doesn't ruin him.

Brian Winter OG

The Jets are shorthanded on the line and because of that Winter is at the top at right guard right now.  He is a big lineman who has the agility to potentially grown into a tackle.  He will play now because the Jets don't have a better option. 

Tommy Bohanon FB

Bohanon is a solid all-around fullback who was lucky enough to be drafted by a team who uses a fullback in the traditional sense.  He is functional in both running game and the passing game. 

Likely Contributors:

Oday Aboushi OT

This was an interesting pick as most saw him as no more than a potential right tackle.  However, the Jets have D'Brickashaw at left tackle, so drafting a monster to play right tackle is not the worst move.  One interesting note, with his projections in mind, is that he is listed as the backup at left tackle.  It could be that he has showed more than he was expected to.  Regardless, as second string, he is likely to see the field at some point.
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