Friday, August 9, 2013

Matt Flynn’s friends gave him a hard time about worst quarterback ranking

When the Raiders first convened for offseason workouts earlier this year, the early buzz was that Matt Flynn was looking like he was about to be beat out by another rookie named Wilson, this time instead of Russell of Wisconsin it was Tyler of Arkansas.

But things have changed. Tyler Wilson has since fizzled and is embarrassingly being outplayed in training camp by undrafted free agent Matt McGloin, and Flynn is presumptively the starting quarterback despite marked improvements by Terrelle Pryor. Meanwhile, I’d like to imagine Matt Leinart is somewhere in the early stages of becoming a real life Uncle Rico.

But life’s not all baller status for Flynn. For one, he’s only the starting quarterback on a bad team that get lots of jokes made about it and will knock the universe off its equilibrium if it somehow wins more than six games this season. Second, he’s been called the worst starting quarterback in the league by Ron Jaworski. Even worse than Mark Sanchez. That’s like the lowest of lows.

You may have heard about this already. It was that drawn-out 32-part SportsCenter countdown by Jaworski earlier this summer that you probably left to use the bathroom during.
Flynn heard about it. Worse, his friends heard about it, too. And as all friends are contractually obligated to do, they gave him a hard time about it. From Vic Tafur:
“My buddies started ragging on me about it,” Flynn said, smiling. “It came up every time I hung out with friends, for about a month … It is what it is. People have their opinions, I get that. People have questions … “But I am not going to go out there and try and prove people wrong. I am going to go out and play the best I can.”
But, hey, at least there’s nowhere to go but up from here, right? And as long as he outplays Sanchez as the Raiders try to be less-awful than the Jets in their opposite-of-highly anticipated Week 14 match-up, it’ll be a victory for his cause. Nobody wants to be the team that snaps another team’s losing streak. Nobody wants to be outplayed by the guy from the butt fumble.
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