Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chris Mullin suggests Sacramento Kings need to play unselfish, praises DeMarcus Cousins

Today the Sacramento Kings introduced former Golden State Warriors great Chris Mullin as their ‘consultant’, complete with owner Vivek Randadive sporting some nasty road rash from a cycling accident that happened this past weekend.

Mullin, who will be used in a role similar to that of Jerry West for the Warriors, was pressed on what he felt the Kings’ biggest issues were, citing both their selfish play and lack of defense as the two main culprits.
Per Jason Jones:
Mullin’s role will be similar to what Jerry West does for the Warriors. Basically he’s a source of knowledge/experience that’s available
Mullin cited the Kings’ need to play unselfish ball/defend as priorities. You could call that a recording. The changes to roster could help.
Or at least the Kings need the changes to help with that. Mullin said selfish play makes it hard for all guys to stay engaged in long season
That was a pretty obvious suggestion from Mullin, though, he is correct considering how woeful the Kings’ defense was the vast majority of the time and how bad the lack of ball movement would become.

In addition, Mullin gave a bit of praise to DeMarcus Cousins, suggesting the main difference between the Warriors club of a few years ago (who was at the time emerging as a young team in the West) is that of DMC, which could give the Kings an extra benefit if/when they morph into a Western Conference contender:
Busy holding an iPad during Mullin’s presser for video so no tweets, but he said big difference between Sac and GSW a few years ago is DMC.
It was about as basic of a press conference as one could get, though, nice to see the addition of Mullin considering how well all parties seemingly work together.

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