Friday, October 4, 2013

Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman exudes humility at press conference

A key interception returned for a touchdown highlighted Seattle corner Richard Sherman’s performance in Week 4. His overall performance in this young season has resulted in him earning the NFC Defensive Player of the Month award.

At a press conference earlier today, Sherman said, “I really think it’s a team honor. I think it’s a testament to how well our whole defense has been playing. The front has been getting a lot of sacks.

They’ve been getting a great rush and giving us a chance to make plays back there.”

The press conference shifted gears from Sherman’s award to asking him to comment on the Colts’ Reggie Wayne and Andrew Luck. Sherman praised both players almost relentlessly, which was very noteworthy in my book.

Though he’s more noted for his trash talk, Sherman’s comments today illuminates the humility of the Seattle Seahawks. A 4-0 start can make good teams get cocky, which usually leads to some bad results later on. This Hawks team, however, is a different animal. Each player understands that the team as a whole is the reason for this great start, and even when honors like this are thrust upon players like Sherman and Russell Wilson, they are quick to acknowledge the team’s efforts and successes.

That’s why I like the Seahawks so much. They exude humility off the field and let their actions on the field do most of the talking. Yes, there is trash talk from time to time, but most of it’s just when those pesky rival 49ers come into town. In that specific case, I’m inclined to let the back-and-forth slide (at least as long as Seattle wins).

It’s nice, though, to see Seattle’s players recognizing the talent in other teams, because to not do so is a slap in the face. All these NFL guys are professional athletes and deserve respect from their opponents, and the Seahawks as a team seem like the forerunners in showing this proper respect between Sundays.

So why is this humility such a big deal? It keeps the team’s ego in check. If Sherman had gone out and said the Seahawks were going to destroy the Colts because the Seahawks are unbeatable, there’d be some slight disappointment coming from the football community. And then if Seattle lost, Seattle would look bigoted and foolish.

Instead, Seattle looks like a team who is focused on recognizing the challenge ahead and letting their play speak for itself against a talented opponent like the Colts.

See the difference? This way, Seattle doesn’t get up on a pedestal too early in the season. They’ll mount the pedestal when they’ve fully earned it in February.
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