Thursday, November 13, 2014

Week 11 TRS College Football Rankings

I love this time of year.  The list is being whittled down as the late-season conference game separate the wheat from the chaff.  The Cream Puff games are over, unless you are Mississippi State apparently......really guys UT Martin?  In November?  You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Per that, you have dropped a spot in the rankings and if I hadn't committed to the formula, you would have dropped further because scheduling that game as an extra bye week is !$##$%@#$%.

Sorry, as you can see, that bothered me a little bit.  Oh wait, maybe it's a state of Mississippi thing.  These teams were a great story early in the season, but the excuse of an SEC schedule to put in an extra Cream Puff game late in season just doesn't work for me.  You can't brag on the strength of your conference making you more worthy and then toss in a game like this.  If Oregon, Ohio State, or Florida state scheduled that game in November, they would be crucified.


On to the rankings.

1.  Oregon Ducks
The Ducks have been rolling and showed what makes them so dangerous this week against a good Utah team.

If you missed it, early in the game the Utes had the momentum and hit a long pass that looked to be a TD to put them ahead by 2 scores.  But....the receiver pull a DeSean as he went into the end zone and the alert Oregon defense picked it up and took it back 100 years for an equalizing TD.

Which, led mr. MO to switch teams and it was pretty much over from there.  Mariota as this team clicking, and they never take an inch.  They take the whole damned mile.

2. TCU Horned Frogs
Let me say this up front.  Kansas State is a very good team.  They have a very good QB in an excellent scheme with great weapons on the outside and a good offense line.  They can even boast of a serviceable rushing attack with a collection of back filling the various roles.

That said, they got rolled in Dallas last weekend.

TCU was demonstratively better than the Wildcats and Trevone Boykin exploded onto the Heisman ballot.  TCU always has a good defense, and this year is no exception to that rule.  Their offense, however, is the best I have seen it since a particular ginger was leading them who now resides in Cincinnati.  If they and Baylor win out, it's going to be an interesting argument to see which one resides in the top 4, because there should be no way that the Big 12 is out in the cold in that situation.

3. Mississippi State Bulldogs 
The bulldogs beat a patsy.

They get no love this week.

4. Florida State Seminoles
The Noles won another ACC game.

The Noles won another game where they were down early, once again due to uncharacteristic mistakes by Jameis Winston.

However, this not a game in which they were ever scared.  Even though they turned the ball over on back to back posessions, allowing Virginia to grab 2 TD's off of short fields, they were never scared.  Once Winston started taking better care of the ball, the scholarships took over for their offense and they walked right over a very good Virginia defense.

On the defensive side of the ball, this is about as good as they have looked his season.  They gave up 3 TD's but all 3 of them were off of turnovers and 2 were when Virginia started on the wrong side of the 50.  When it was time to shut it down, they did.

5. Auburn Tigers
6. Alabama Crimson Tide
7. Ole Miss Rebels
8. Ohio State Buckeyes
9. Baylor Bears
10. Kansas State Wildcats
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