Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 13 TRS College Football Rankings

What did week 13 leave us with?

The Big 12 has a logjam that is going to come down to the very end of the regular season.  On top of the glorious tension that fans are rewarded with from having Baylor, TCU, and Kansas State still in the running, it may offset some of the affect of there being no Big 12 conference title.  It is likely that the Big 12 championship will come down to the Wildcats and the Bears in Waco on the 6th.

There wasn't a lot of excitement in the SEC as most of they are in the midst of their late-season round of cupcakes.  Arkansas's demolishing of Ole Miss did not have a positive effect for their conference.  Arkansas is getting better, but Ole Miss is really not the same team since losing LaQuon Treadwell, and the game, to Auburn.  Simply put, they are good, but not great, which damages the reputation of the SEC West this season.  That said, it is still the best division in football.

Out west, in the PAC, there is still a battle to see who will face off with Oregon for the conference championship.  The thumping that UCLA put on the Trojans in L.A. announced their intentions to contend for the conference title.  It is going to be a very interesting weekend as the Bruins face off with the always-dangerous Stanford Cardinal and Sun Devils go to war with the Wildcats out in the desert.  If the Bruins win, it is theirs, as they hold the head-to-head against both of the Arizona teams.

As for the top 4, Bama rolled over Western Carolina, Florida State escaped again, and Oregon rolled over Colorado, the Vanderbilt of the PAC-12.

So, here is the latest standings:

1. Oregon Ducks: 
The Ducks have not been challenged since getting their starting offensive line healthy again.  If they can avoid an upset in the Civil War against Oregon State and beat whoever comes out of the logjam in the PAC-12 south, they will be a shoo-in for the playoff.  That however, requires 2 more wins over quality programs.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide: 
The Tide will be in the playoff for sure if they win out.  However, they have the Iron Bowl and the SEC championship between them and the playoff.  It will be interesting to see what would happen if the Tide happens to drop one of these games, giving them 2 losses on the season.  Would they jump ahead of all the 1 loss teams, or would they simply give their spot to the Mississippi State team that they beat so soundly a few weeks ago.

3. Florida State Seminoles: 
This team is infuriating to watch.  They are talented, they are clutch, and they insist on proving the latter each and every week.  Mind you, winning a close game against a solid, physical, BC team on a water-logged field is no great shame, but they need to learn how to start a game.  Closing is good, but every now and again, they should whoop someone.  As for the future, they have a rivalry game for with the Gators coming to town before the ACC championship game.  That title game is set against Georgia Tech, which is a scary game for the Noles.  Tech run the triple option which has given FSU trouble in the past, and the YellowJackets have the talent to make the most of it.  If they lose one of these, they will be missing the playoffs.

4. Ohio State Buckeyes: 
People can say what they want about the Buckeyes lettings Indiana hang around, but they have making an impressive run through the Big 10(1).  Now, they have the Big Game against their rivals to the north before lining up for the Big 10 championship.  The west has an interesting situation with Minnesota facing off with the Badgers, with the winner taking the Division.

5. Wisconsin Badgers:
6. Georgia Bulldogs:
7. TCU Horned Frogs:
8. Baylor Bears:
9. Michigan State Spartans:
10. Mississippi State Bulldogs:

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