Friday, November 7, 2014

What did Eligwe do?

Over the last few years, Jimbo Fisher's version of the Florida State Seminoles has repeatedly come under the scrutinizing eye of the national press's moral compass (Yes, that was a joke).

Full disclosure, I have been rooting for the Seminoles since I was a child.  That said, there has been some cause for scrutiny.  A sexual assault accusation.  An assault accusation.  Public mischief.  All of these things were handled in the public eye and many have stated publicly and loudly that they believe that the FSU program has sold its soul.

We will ignore the face that suddenly ESPN is convinced that FSU is committing more transgressions than any other program.  I say suddenly because how much have your heard out of the SEC, which was in the spotlight several times over the past few years.  Suddenly, they are all running squeaky clean programs.  Admittedly, this does not remove any guilt from FSU, but it does explain the magnifying glass that has been put upon them.  Simply put, the network has a financial interest in the success of the conference that they have gotten into bed with and hold forth as the flagship for the college football.  However, I have no proof of transgressions as my other job prevents me from traveling to the south and investigating, so I will get back on task.

What on earth did Ukeme Eligwe do that is worse than Jameis Winson and Karlos Williams, not to speak of the other team members who had relatively minor accusations against them?

Who is Ukeme Eligwe you are probably asking.

He is a former 4-star recruit at linebacker who was expected to be a sideline to sideline force for the Noles.  He had been held out this season, officially due to an injury. 

Suddenly, he is off the team with the only explanation being 'violation of team rules'.  It really gets the mind going when everything else has been out in the open, but not this one. 

Did he fail a drug test?

Did he cheat in school?

Did he sacrifice the neighbors cat?

Why on earth isn't ESPN digging in?  Oh that's right, because he's not starter and getting him suspended would not have hurt the biggest threat to the SEC's football dominance.

Is FSU looking a bit shady these days?  Yes, they have some knuckleheads, if not flatout criminals, on their team. 

Is ESPN corrupt?  It is looking more like it every day.  Simply put, they are no longer in the business of reporting on sports and athletes.  They are now in the business of selling advertising for big games and on their various channels.

It's a mess. 
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