Monday, November 12, 2012

Holmgren to Cowboys rumor—Yea, Nay or Yay!?

“I hear the weather’s nice in Dallas.”

The Cowboys got a crucial win over the Eagles yesterday by riding defensive and special teams touchdowns to victory…and by knocking Michael Vick out of commission and then harassing rookie QB Nick Foles just enough. Oh, and by Tony Romo not throwing a single INT.

So, let’s celebrate the big win by throwing fuel on the newest rumor flame: Mike Holmgren is interested in being the Dallas Cowboys’ next head coach.

So, now we have two Super Bowl winning coaches, two offensive juggernaut masterminds possibly waiting in the wings, ready to ride in on the white horse and lead Jones’s Cowboys back to the Promised Land.
Sean Payton and Mike Holmgren. Hard to figure how you could go wrong either way. One comes from the Bill Walsh coaching tree and the other from the Parcells tree. Both are proven leaders. Each lead languishing franchises to glory. Holmgren came within a horrible call of doing it with two franchises.

Of course, Jerry Jones won’t talk about such rumors.


I mean, he wouldn’t say a word about Payton. But then, Jerry being Jerry and loving the spotlight and the sound of his own cartoon voice, he could not resist talking about the interest his old buddy Holmgren is purportedly showing in (quite possibly) the worst head coaching position in football. (I classify it that way only because, well, Jerry.)

SO, here is Jones talking to Brad Sham (what a name!), longtime radio voice of the Cowboys and a host on the third best sports radio station in DFW, the Fan:
“I was interested in why he said he would like to be the coach,” Jones said. “And that was good. We are good friends, have a lot of respect for each other, served on the Competition Committee together for eight years. He’s very familiar with how we operate the Cowboys, and does have a high appreciation for our talent that we have on the team right now. All of that is a compliment. Thank you, Mike.”
Good Lord.

But, of course, Jones is committed to Jason Garrett. Hasn’t he said so? Doesn’t he still?

Here is the conclusion drawn by Mike Fisher of the DFW CBS outfit:
It is not Jerry Jones’ plan to fire Garrett, though Dallas’ 3-5 start has placed the young coach the middle of these sort of stories.
“We need to win a game,’’ Jones said earlier this week. “I looked for an uptick when Jason took over (in the middle of the 2010 season). I look for that now. The arrow is going up.’’
So why is Jerry Jones willing to let himself be drawn into conversations like this? Because which ever way the arrow is pointing, Jones likes to make certain the TV cameras are pointed at him and his Cowboys.
Fisher doesn’t say a lot I agree with, but he got that one right.

Bottom line: Cowboys get a huge win in Philly and Jerry steals the spotlight.

Hand me a biscuit and pass the gravy.

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