Monday, September 9, 2013

Gators Don’t Survive Hurricanes As In-State Rivalry Finale

Miami came into Sun Life Stadium Saturday morning with something to prove.

The hurricanes program had been in turmoil for some time and  this win over arch rival Florida may give them the spark to bring them  back to glory. Florida seemed to control the game having possession of the ball for over 38 minutes of the game, but turnovers told the story of this game.

Florida gave the ball to Miami 5 times to Miami’s single turnover. The Gators seemed to drive the ball without much resistance, but when they approached the red zone the pressure overcame Driskel and the Gators.

Miami may not have the same amount of talent as Florida possesses, but for what they lack they made up with heart. Miami battled throughout the game, when it seemed that Florida was about to take control and score Miami forced a turnover. Miami will try to build on this win when they host Savannah State in two weeks.

Miami’s leader Duke Johnson ran for 59 yards on 21 carries with 1 TD, while QB Stephen Morris threw for 162 yards with 2 TD’s and 1 Int. Stephen Morris will be a huge factor if Miami expects to succeed. Morris will have to be a threat to open up the lanes for Duke Johnson and make the Hurricane offense a force in the ACC and to the nation.

This Miami Hurricanes team grew up today but stils has some growing to do. There was a lot of scoreboard watching from fans and players alike. This falls on Coach Al Golden to make sure his players are focused at the taks at hand.

Is this a big win for the Hurricanes? Yes. Are the Canes back,? Not yet. This team has to find a rhythm to their offense as well as find a few reliable receivers who can get separation.

All in all, a big win for the Hurricanes and a boost in recruiting as well as a step in the right direction for the program is what was accomplished today.
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