Friday, February 1, 2013

Donald Driver speaks out on retirement

During the previous off-season we wondered out loud if the Green Bay Packers would do the right thing and let Donald Driver play out one final year with the team. They did and now he is saying goodbye.

Driver announced through various outlets on Thursday that he is officially retiring.

The Packers website posted quotes from Driver’s morning appearance on The Mike & Mike broadcast.

“I’m going to officially put the cleats on the shelf and walk away from the game,” Driver said. “I’m calling it a career.”

“Very difficult. It’s always difficult, especially when you feel you can still play the game,” he said. “You just let it go and say, ‘There’s other things out there, the next chapter of your career, and I’m ready for it.”

From the outside looking in, it appears that the team’s all-time leader in receptions (743) and receiving yards (10.137) is ready to simply be a dad.

“Someone’s always going to be able to tell my kids that their dad was a great football player, but no one is going to be able to tell my kids that their dad was a great dad and great husband,” Driver said. “So I have to be able to show them that, and that’s what next chapter of my career is going to be.”

Driver stated that he will divulge other details of his post-NFL plans at a ceremony in his honor that will take place in Green Bay  at the Lambeau Field Atrium on Feb.6.

“I want to do something special, I want to do it in front of the fans, something that no other player has done,” he said. “I’m going to open my retirement up to the fans and give them everything they deserve.”

“I played my entire career in Green Bay and have always enjoyed a special bond with the fans,” said Driver.

“I can think of no better way to retire than to celebrate with them and the Packers organization.”
Driver was always an emotional heartbeat for the Packers and he stated that he can’t think of one moment that he did not enjoy.

“All 14 years. Every day,” he said. “The biggest thing is walking out of that tunnel at Lambeau. It’s a special place to walk out of and that’s something I’ll never forget.”

So is this really it? Or will he resurface again?

“Somebody always says next year, but for me, it won’t be.”

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